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Saturday 15 December 2018

The House of People Discuses General Public Issues

Plenary session chaired by the house second deputy speaker held at the National Assembly. The session had discussion about general public issues. Meanwhile a number of MPs called 2018 year fiscal national budget unbalanced and full of problems, they requested the concerned authorities implement the budget properly.   

Kandahar and Wardek MPs indicated there is no attention on projects in these provinces in the current budget, so they head up the Government to consider this issue seriously. Plus, Wardek MPs said that people do not have electricity in many distract in this province.

Some MPs criticized the foreigner acting minister is not attending at the United Nations Security Councils meeting, but others called their criticized useless and stressed  based on the President decree foreigner acting minister did not attend the meeting.

The house of people called the Pakistani scholars latest Fatwa regarding condemned the suicide boomer due to America’s pressers, therefore, they were asked not scarifies Islam due to their politics interest.   

30-Jadi-Umomi 1.jpg

Farah and Faryab MPs expressed their concern about the recent security situation in these provinces and indicated incase the Government would not take concrete measure the provinces might be failed.

A number of MPs blamed the Government for broken the law and added Unity Government has ignored the Constitution in different aspects.

In addition, Ghor province MPs expressed their concern about the security situation and said that Deash influence has increased in that province if is not stopped Deash would increase his influence in the Northern provinces.

Orazgon MPs indicated the security forces corruption and requested the security transparence formation recruitment.  

Also, the MPs expressed their concern about the Independent Election Commission recruitment and requested the Government to take concrete step in this regard.  

The session stressed the MPs should mediate between the Government and Balkh former Governor, Nur Mohammad Atta. 

Nuristan and Badakhshan MPs also indicated to Deash influence in these provinces and asked the Government to take measure steps related to the security in these provinces. 


In sum up, the house second deputy speaker requested the Government to have serious attention about the security across the Country.

Mr. Ahmadzai called the Pakistani scholars do not sacrifice Islam for their politics desires and do not make legitimatize the war in Afghanistan.  

He requested the Bank authorities to make effort due to keep the AFG currency value against the foreign exchange.

At the end, the house Deputy Secretary, Irfan Ullah Irfan, delivered the plenary sessions reports that include questioning, interpellation and summons of the Government authorities. Mr. Irfan, indicated the session also ratified laws and legislative decrees. 

 Translation by Sadaat: January 20, 2018