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Friday 25 May 2018

Wolesi Jirga Hears MPs Provincial Report

The Wolesi Jirga(Lower House of Parliament) on Saturday’s plenary session heard parliamentary lawmakers’ provincial report.

 The session was held under the chairmanship of second deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga Humayoun Humayoun, while varieties of issue including the country’s security situation were discussed in today’s session.

In accordance to agenda, a number of parliamentary lawmakers Abdul Qader Qalatwal from Zabul province, Abdul Jabar from Takhar, Obaidullah Barekzai from Oruzgan, Musa Khan Nasrat from Farah, Mrs. Wazhma Safi from Kunar and Mrs. Roqia Naial from Ghor presented their provinces challenges report.

Overall in today’s session, various issues were discussed including the country’s security challenges particularly in Badakhshan, Kunar, Nangarhar and Nooristan provinces.

Likewise, people representatives pointed in relation to killing of ethnic elders in Sar-e- Pul, existence of vehicles sans number plate, lack of government attention for carrying of wounded security forces and illegal checking of houses in Paktia province, they asked government to bring positive changes in the behavior work of security organs.

Likewise in the sideline of today’s session, parliamentary lawmakers expressed their concerns about trilateral meeting between  Afghan, Pak and England securities advisers in relation to Afghanistan and Pakistan recent tensions, illegal endowment of emblem in security organs, existence of caretakers in governmental organs, attack on Nahim Lalai Hameedzai house, lack of water and power in Macrorayans including the residents’ complaints in this regard, lack of unfairness for distribution of Japan’s assisted machineries in Zabul province,  carelessness of attorney general for those prisoners which their crimes are not still apparent but they are still in jail,  suggestion for collecting of right hand vehicles in Herat province without decision  of council of ministers, taking of 15 Euro as insurance from people by Iran embassy in Kabul, rehabilitation road of Kabul-Kunar and Kabul- Torkham, raising  of electricity bill in Mazar-e- Sharif, paradox behavior for recruitment and dismissing of employees in governmental organs of Helmand province, lack of paying of teachers’ salaries since a few months in Kunar province including   existence of corruption  in teacher training center of this province and tacking of 500 AFs from students as name of consulate   services by ministry of foreign affairs.

The house first deputy speaker Humanyoun Humayoun while heard the aforementioned issues, tasked to the religious and cultural commission to make obvious the issue of Afghan-Turk school and the work result should be present in next plenary session.

Overall, first deputy speaker Wolesi Jirga asked from government to pay teachers’ salaries as soon as possible in Kunar province even equivalent step should pick up for collecting of right hand vehicles in aforementioned province.

Likewise in today’s session, Humayoun Humayoun tasked for transport, telecommunication and international relation commissions to debate with in- charges about rehabilitation road of Kabul- Kunar and Kabul -Torkham  and  taking of 500 AFs  from students by ministry of foreign affairs and 15 Euro from people by Iran embassy in Kabul also raising of electricity bill in Mazr-e- Sharif should be discuss with in- charges and the debates result should be present in next plenary session.

Overall, first deputy speaker of house assured those countries supports from terrorists should be  black list of world community also asked from ministry of foreign affairs to present the result of trilateral security meeting of England to Wolesi Jirga.

Later the session agenda was pursued by second deputy speaker of Lower House Muhamamd Nazir Ahamdzai, while parliamentary lawmakers suggested for appointing of delegation in order to evaluation of prisoners challenges.

Lawmaker Mrs. Habibi Sadat criticized for lack of presence of some parliamentary lawmakers in the session.

Translator: Mustafa Akrami, March 18, 2017