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Friday 25 May 2018

Ibrahimi visits Fakor Behishti

The Wolesi Jirga chairperson Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi visited people representative of Bamyan province Fakor Behishti here in Hospital on Wednesday.

The visit was attended by General Secretary of Lower House Khudai Nazar including a number of parliamentary lawmakers as well.

Ibrahimi while was asking speedy recovery for lawmaker Fakor Behishti, requested from hospital’s personal to pay urgent attention for injured persons of today’s accident.

Overall in this visit, the Wolesi Jirga chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, asked doctors if they are facing with lack of healthy facilities in order to treatment of lawmaker Behishti, he should dispatched abroad for cure, but, the hospital’s personal  assured to Ibrahimi from Behisti good health even they asserted that every healthy equipments is available here in hospital.

Likewise Ibrahimi said, today’s attack is due to animosity of insurgents against humanities and armed insurgents are trying to make silent people representatives’ voice.

Furthermore, Ibrahimi said, people representatives continues their works sans afraid of such insurgents attacks.

Lawmaker from Bamyan province Fakor Behishti while today was coming Parliament he with his son wounded by road mine explosion.

Translator: Mustafa Akrami: December 28, 2016